Doukas School is a K-12 educational institution, with educational and athletic facilities amongst the best in design and construction in Greece, offering its 1,600 student body one of the finest educational and athletic programs in the country. Since 1997, Doukas School has organized the web-based Panhellenic Student Competition, LYSIAS (, that attracts, on average, 30,000 student participations per year.

Doukas School has received many awards for the innovative practices it is implementing in the teaching process ( In 2011, it was identified as a Pathfinder School by Microsoft for its innovative educational practices and its potential to create scalable and replicable educational transformation that can influence schools within Greece and around the world. In 2012, it was selected as a Mentor School by Microsoft, for the year 2012-2013. Lastly, Doukas School became a Microsoft Case Study school in 2012, for its implementation of the 1:1 Computing in the classroom (

Doukas School has participated and continues to participate in several EU and National R&D projects ( , and coordinates extensive European Networks under programmes such us Erasmus+, the Lifelong Learning Programme, Intelligent Energy Europe, EPEAEK, PAVE and LINGUA. Our key areas of interest are: Cloud-based Education, e-Pedagogy and Educational Design in Technology-Enhanced Learning, Personalized Learning, 21st Century Skills, Technology-Enhanced Learning with special emphasis on e-portfolios, Technology-Enhanced Learning through Mobile and Wireless Devices, Digital Games and Web 2.0 for Learning.

Doukas School is the first educational establishment in Greece that has received the European Foundation for Quality Management (E.F.Q.M.) award in 2012, “Recognised for Excellence” 4 stars (