University of Piteşti (UPIT) is a state university situated in Southern Romania at 120 km from Bucharest, a medium size university at the level of Romania. It has the aim to be a dynamic and efficient HE provider in the region, being a recipient for over 10.000 students from Piteşti and Muntenia region (it also has approximately 800 teaching and administrative staff). The University of Piteşti gathers under its co-ordination and management 11 faculties offering Bachelor, Master and Doctor Diplomas. Its objectives are to provide high quality educational, training and research services in order to train specialists in different fields and to create an intellectual community accredited by national and international quality agencies.

The main activities of UPIT consist of:

  • delivering courses, seminaries, laboratories to students and other categories of professionals;
  • providing professional re-conversion courses, through continuing training and ODL;
  • performing research in the spirit of innovation and creativity to reinforce the Romanian society;
  • resolving issues of regional, national and international interest through its centres of excellence and research groups;
  • performing exchanges of students, teaching staffs and researchers with foreign universities and institutes;
  • organizing seminars, round tables, workshops, conferences at national and international level;
  • publishing books, scientific journals and reviews.

The areas in which the university is active and delivers services are: education & training; scientific & applicative research; guidance & counselling; professional orientation; international cooperation in different fields; publishing activities.

The academic staff is composed by a body of experts and professionals with accredited and recognised results (see University of Piteşti has specialised departments: Centre for Sustainable Development Projects (CPPDD), International Cooperation Center, Community Programme Office, Research Institute, “Muntenia” Institute for Training and Performance, “Development of Systems and Software Applications” Center, Teaching Staff Training Department, Centre of Higher Education Quality Assurance, University of Piteşti Publishing House, University Library. In the last 10 years UPIT was involved in over 80 EU financed projects, more than 20 under its coordination. UPIT is full member of European Universities Association (EUA), Danube Rectors’ Conference (DRC), Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF), European Forum of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (EfVET), European Distance and E-Learning Network (EDEN) working for direct implementation of Bologna Process, ECTS and ECVET.

UPIT has implemented projects on education/training not only for students and young people but also for other target groups - disadvantaged or vulnerable groups (people with learning disabilities, persons at risk of social exclusion, unemployed, low qualified, etc.). In developing its activities and implementing projects UPIT cooperates with local, regional and national partners (NGOs, SMEs, associations, foundations, museums and libraries, Argeş County School Inspectorate, Argeş County Employment Agency, Nuclear Research Institute – Colibaşi, Dacia-Renault Enterprise, Town Hall of Piteşti, Council of the Argeş Council, Colibaşi Penitenciary, Police Inspectorate, General Direction for Social Assistance & Child Protection, etc.).