The central aims of IDPBC are to:

  • compile a collection of international picture books in a range of languages, which can be used in classrooms for exploration and negotiation of identity, inclusion and diversity;
  • develop, test and disseminate a series of picture-book-based approaches and activities that will support inclusion and diversity and ultimately reduce disparities in learning outcomes of disadvantaged learners;
  • publish and disseminate a guide that supports practitioners in integrating IDPBC picture books in the curriculum, forming their own picture book collections and activities and engaging diverse students, parents and the community;
  • provide training and professional development to pre- and in-service educators, equipping them with the necessary knowledge, attitudes and competences to successfully manage and support diversity through visual stories; and
  • provide an Open Educational Resources (OERs) platform that enables pre- and in-service educators to develop networks of practitioners who integrate picture books in the curriculum to make teaching and learning more inclusive and accommodating.