1st National Seminar for Multipliers in Romania

In Romania, on 19th of September 2016, University of Piteşti has organised at its premises the 1st national seminar for multipliers in the framework of the Identity and Diversity Picture Book Collections (IDPBC) project. The participants were 23 in-service teachers from pre-university educational system. The seminar focused on presenting the IDPBC project – aim and objectives, activities, partnership and main expected outcomes and also the first Intellectual Output “Annotated Bibliographic Catalogue”. After presentations, the participants actively engaged in discussions on the usefulness of the Catalogue and on how to better use it during the in-class activities. Based on a brainstorming, they also provided useful inputs to the seminar organisers on what the IDPBC Guide for Teachers should contain in order to become a valuable and resourceful material for educators. All participants appreciated the progress and results so far of the IDPBC project and stated their further support and involvement to ensure the project sustainability.